Getting the Students You Want to Your Website is a network enabling advertisers to connect with hundreds of thousands of in-market prospective students actively looking for education programs each month. delivers clicks and inbounds calls from high-intent prospective students. The platform offers simple campaign set up, daily and monthly spend caps with dayparting abilities, and in-depth reporting and analytics to track your campaign's progress. Dashboard UI

How it works

1 Create your campaigns and define your bid and creatives
2 Set your targeting preferences
3 Set your daily and/or monthly budget caps
4 When a prospective student who meets your targeting requirements visits one of our partner sites, your ad will appear. Location of your ad is based on bid and other factors
5 The prospective student clicks on your ad, or calls you for more information
6 You track the performance of your campaigns and adjust accordingly Features

Easily set up your account and start creating campaigns
Target only the prospective students you want by attributes like geographic location, desired level of education, area of study, and more
Choice of engagement; clicks or calls, or both
You have complete control over every aspect of your campaigns, including ad creatives
Powerful reporting enables performance analysis from both macro and micro levels
Self-serve platform, powered by Katch, is simple, yet sophisticated

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