Get the Students You Want to Your Website is a network enabling advertisers to connect with hundreds of thousands of in-market prospective students actively looking for education programs each month. Provides Top Student Resources

Leading Active Students to Top Schools delivers clicks and inbounds calls from high-intent prospective students. The platform offers simple campaign set up, daily and monthly spend caps with dayparting abilities, and in-depth reporting and analytics to track your campaign's progress.


You provide us information about your degree program coverage, target education level, and overall ideal student.


We ask prospective students information about themselves, like where they live and their desired education program.


Based on the information provided from both your targeting and from the prospective student, a match page is created with programs that fit both your preferences and theirs.

A New Student

The prospective student clicks on your ad or calls you to learn more about your programs and how to enroll.

Powerful Targeting uses real-time bidding technology that enables advertisers to reach certain consumers looking for education programs based on desired area of study, geographical location, highest level of education completed, and other factors. For example, if you don’t offer a program in physical therapy, your brand will not appear in matching listings when a prospective student is looking for that program specifically. Our SuperBid option allows advertisers to dig deeper by enabling them to place higher bids for consumers who meet certain parameters, like prospective students in the state of California.

Clicks and Calls gives advertisers the ability to connect with prospective students in two ways – a click to their website, or a call to their call center. This enables the advertiser to choose engagements based on their capacity and infrastructure, and gives prospective students the freedom to choose how they would like to interact with the brand to find the right education program.

Portfolio of High-Quality Media has high-quality media partners whose websites see thousands of prospective students looking for degree programs each week. The reach for advertisers within is unparalleled.

Powerful Technology

Real-time Bidding

Advanced Reporting

Right Pricing

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